Saturday, August 13, 2011

China 1'st Carrier.. The new thread for SCS??

Yup i thing so... between the conflic of overlapping sea border in South China Sea, China can expand their power to survey & monitoring this area much longer @ frequently. This thread will feld by the most South East Asia country like Filipina, Vietnam, Brunei & Malaysia.

For the reaction, most of the neighbour country determine to expend their costal military defence like this article about Taiwan that build new special missle that can sink a carrer.

For Vietnam that has a most advance Russian defence technology in long range missle in the region (S-00 air defence missle). Vietnam buy new long range costal missle, Basiton that able to defeat carrier.

Some also say China is weak in Anti-Submarine Warefare. That i not sure, but for this 'clue' Vietnam also take change for this benefite to built their new submarine fleet to strengthen their defence in Spratly Island & Parcell Island.

For Malaysia I thing this thread also will risk the country border in Spartly Island. But i confident with our country defence and new asset can be a deternce for any enemy thread.

You can see the latest one Exercise for Malaysia Army in Taming Sari Exerxise video.

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